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TaxSpeaker Lobby Series The first of its kind, TaxSpeaker now offers a continuous playing information guide to benefit you and your customers alike. We have recorded 30 short, 2 minute long “laymen’s terms” client videos that will play in a loop. Preloaded topics include: #1 Tax Loophole - The 401K Charity Deductions - What are the simple rules Home Maintenance and Repair Tax Deductions Mistakes made at retirement Saving money for children Selling on eBay - Tax issues Social Security Quick Tips Things you don't pay income tax on Things your Tax Advisor needs to know Top 5 Tax Savings Tips Extra Topic List: Buying or leasing a car Capital Gains - What are they? Deducting Medical Expenses Starting a small business Home Mortgage Interest Deduction What is PMI and do I have to pay it with my mortgage How to start saving money Home computer Security Is refinancing always a good idea? How NOT to buy a House\ When can/should I sign up for medicare Start small, retire big Tax Credits for your home or car Tax Scams - The IRS Dirty Dozen What is the difference in IRAs? Five mistakes made by investors Tax free investments Risky tax moves that may trigger an audit Asking your plumber for tax advice Should I sign up for my company's cafeteria plan?
How It Benefits You! Informative and easy to understand method of informing clients on various tax and financial topics Gently pushes your clients to engage you for more services More efficient meetings with clients Clients have better knowledge of what items to bring or questions to ask to increase efficiency Get more value out of your meetings General public will be more engaged and less rigid about taxes Allows you to gain more knowledge and clarity in less time How It Benefits Your Clients! Increased insight on what they need to be asking about, what forms they need to keep track of, how to best utilize the firm they are using Makes them feel more involved, better prepared, and less anxious about the tax planning process Allows them to be more open and receptive Standard Package: 20-30 minute professionally recorded loop of 10 standard client 2 minute info recordings Includes annual updates to videos


3 Delivery Methods
Box Physical box to use in your lobby Includes all wiring Internet connection required Web A branded embedded video player One line of code provided to you for your programmer Social sharing of videos link back to your website Audio mp3 file provided Single audio files or full custom long audio file available.
Included with your box purchase: Tiny Computer that hold the videos (size of 2 decks of cards) HDMI Cable to connect to TV Ethernet cord for internet Power cord Instructions on how to setup What you need to provide: TV / Monitor in your lobby Power outlet Ethernet port for internet